Wednesday, February 3, 2010


During this winter season I have been wearing A LOT of Twists! Here is what they typically look like. I love wearing twist because I do not have to worry about doing my hair in the mornings.

Even though I love my twist I usually can only leave then in for about 2-3 weeks. (Because I start missing my hair or want something different!) SO... I have been alternating between twists and twists outs. Here is what my twist out looks like... My twist were down on dry hair so that I would get some length on my twists. During twisting add some form of moisture. This could be coconut oil, shea butter, or a mixture to obtain the best twist out definition. There is always the option to do it dry and then run product through hair as well. Just make sure that hair is completely dry when you begin to undo your twists! This will help maintain frizz!

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